Hire A Car To Explore The Top 4 Attractions Kolkata Has To Offer

Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, is the commercial, cultural and educational hub of the eastern part of India, and it’s the 3rd most populated metro city of India. Kolkata is a leader in the sphere of arts, drama, literature and theatre with many Nobel Prize winners contributing to the culture of the city.

As car rental in Kolkata is much easier than other city you can explore as many places as you want without driving yourself or dealing with the heavy traffic. Listed below are a few places that you want to check out in Kolkata:

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The Marble Palace:

Constructed by a Bengali merchant named Raja Rajendra Mullick, The Marble Palace worth a visit whenever you are in Kolkata. With a Neoclassical style, this amazing construction is made of 26 types of Italian marbles. In fact, this mansion is one of the best conserved and most elegant mansions in Kolkata. In addition to the palace, visitors can enjoy the garden with lawns, a rock garden, a lake and a small zoo as well.

Science City:

Since taxi hire in Kolkata is easy you can pay a trip to the Science City which is one of the largest and finest science centers in India. Instituted by the National Council of Science Museum, Science City motivates learning in the most amusing manner. With 3D theatre experiences, a hi-tech motion stimulator, and interactive exhibits, Science City is the most regularly explored sites in Kolkata.

Mother Teresa House:

The Mother Teresa House is a must visit for learning the philosophies & having a closer glimpse at how Mother Teresa lived. Neighbor to the big tomb of Mother Teresa is a museum that showcases the sandals & the drape she wore, the bowl she ate in & also consists of a room display of the place where Mother Teresa worked & slept, left in the same condition it was when she was alive.

South Park Street Cemetery:

As strange as it may sound, South Park Street Cemetery, is a funeral ground recognized for being a delightful site for a relaxing walk. Though at times a bit creepy, with gothic style tombs embellished with pillars & faces of funeral tombs written with Hindu Symbols, the Park Street Cemetery provides lovely scenery & a sense of history & intrigue, ideal for spending a distinctive afternoon.

If you want to explore all these places without worrying about your transportation, you may want to consider those readily available car tour packages Kolkata offered by many taxi owners.

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